Synthstrom Audible’s unique hybrid instrument is available to pre-order.

New Zealand boutique company Synthstrom Audible has officially unveiled the Deluge, an all-in-one synth, sampler and sequencer that costs under $800.

The instrument was teased earlier this month, and features 128 pads for sequencing, a dual-engine subtractive and FM synth and 64MB of RAM for loading samples as well as built-in effects, arpeggiator and CV outputs for external gear.

Synthstrom Audible has uploaded a three-part walkthrough video for the Deluge, outlining all its features including track-building capabilities, sound editor and how to hook it up to other drum machines and synths.

Synthstrom Audible has now made the device available for pre-order, costing £640 plus £45 shipping for those in the UK. Buyers in the US can get it for $780 plus $55 shipping with customers in Europe paying €720 plus €50 shipping.

The launch price is only available for pre-orders made until November 25. Synthstrom explains that this is to lower manufacturing costs, with the price likely to increase for later orders.

Listen to audio demos of the Deluge below and find out more at the Synthstrom Audible website.

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