Radar Radio is growing up fast.

The London station is getting ready to celebrate its second birthday with a massive line-up at The Nest in Dalston, headed up by Hyperdub gem Ikonika, veteran DJ Spooky Bizzle, rising star Amy Becker and Radar’s own Kenny Allstar.

Also on the bill: recent FACT mixer Riz La Teef, the genre-blurring BBC AZN Network, Jetsss, Tash_LC, MUNGO and more guests to be announced. All you need to get in is an RSVP – just send your names to rsvp [at] radarradio [dot] com to get on the list.

To get us in a suitably spooky mood, Radar’s Kenny Allstar has put together a mix of the darkest, grittiest street sounds in his crate right now, drawing for AJ Tracey, Sir Spyro, Giggs, Big Zuu, Jammz and tons more of the finest new MCs in town.

“I wanted to encapsulate the sound of the streets, hence why I based the mix around UK rap and underground hip-hop,” explains Kenny. “The drill sound is really thriving in the UK with the success of artists and groups like 67, Harlem Spartans, 150 and Abra Cadabra – these guys have burst through the game with a dark, gritty sound accompanied with upfront uncensored content, which matches my show on Radar and the Halloween theme.”

You’ll be wanting a tracklist – scroll down to see who’s who.


Abra Cadabra – Scary
AJ Tracey – Spirit Bomb
Sir Spyro – Topper Top
Grim Sickers – Kane
Cadell – No Chill
Dis – Cheeky
Harlem Spartans – Splash & Cash
Loski – Jugg
Mischief & Dimzy – Illegal
Mischief & Dimzy – Illegal 2
J Boy – War
AJ Tracey – Packages
Abra Cadabra Ft. Krept & Konan – Robbery Remix
Skeamer & Clue – Run Up
BT & Rendo – Civilians
BT & Rendo – PM to da AM
BT & Rendo – 10 Toes
Sleeks (Section Boyz) – Gear 6
Potter Payper – Black Impala
Suspect OTB – Wonder What
Blanco & YS – Shit Den
Reekz MB – War spelt backwards
Giggs – Whippin Excursion
Rager & Samaurai – 1K
Dimzy 67 – 44s
67 feat. Giggs – Let’s Lurk
67 – Milly Rock
Stickz ODT, S Wavey, J Boy, M Dargg, Adz & Shallow – Hella Kwengingz
Giggs & Casisdead – 501
Reeko Squeeze, Bonkaz, Yung Reekz & Youngs Teflon – Banter
Tremz – Pull Up Hop Out
Harlem Spartans – Kennington Bop
Poppy & Abracadabra – Feel like
C Biz – Money March
C Biz – Games Mine
S Loud – Bizzerk
Fredo – They Aint 100
Donaeo – Polo
Kenny Allstar Ft. Jammz, Big Zuu, President T & Izzie Gibbs – Are You Listening
Big Zuu – Ayo Techno
Blittz – Get Shelly



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