Purge is an expanded edition of 2012’s Psyops For Dummies EP.

Balaclava-clad Detroit icon Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray has released a new EP on Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? label.

The six-track Purge EP is the second release on the label from Drexciya’s former tour DJ, whose breakneck style of electro has appeared everywhere from Unknown To The Unknown to Belgium’s WéMè Records over the years.

According to the label, Purge features six “dark electro landscapes,” balanced by “funkier variations, which are sometimes subdued and sometimes rebellious.”

Purge is actually an expanded vinyl edition of DJ Stingray’s first Presto!? release from 2012, a USB stick EP called Psyops For Dummies. The new 12″ features the four original tracks together with two fresh cuts: ‘Hypolagesia’ and ‘Cognitive Load Theory’.

The Purge EP is out now on vinyl and digital formats. Earlier this month the trance-obsessed Lorenzo Senni announced that he’s signed to Warp Records with the Persona EP being his first release for the label.

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