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Hip hops.

A new vinyl subscription service has launched promising to pair a unique 7″ record from an emerging artist with a fitting craft beer or cider and send the lot to your door each month.

New music site Hurd will press a limited edition coloured vinyl 7″ each month, including two tracks exclusive to the subscription service from an artist of their choosing. The first release is the mutant pop of Trudy & the Romance and a double A-side royal blue pressing of single ‘My Baby’s Gone Away’.

Subscribers will have a choice of four bottles of beer or cider included in the box, sourced from an independent brewer, or there’s a tee-total vinyl-only option for a cheaper price. All subscribers will also get an in-house magazine and digital mixtape.

Check out the Hurd website for more information on the offers, which begin £17.99 per month for biannual beer-included memberships.

Hurd’s offering enters a crowded market for vinyl-by-mail. Last year The Edit launched a text message vinyl subscription service offering a classic record every day simply by texting back “yes”.

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