Dear Tommy will be a shitty pop album. I’m not there to feed him ideas. You will get garbage.”

Italians Do It Better co-founder Mike Simonetti is still angry about the $13,000 he claims Johnny Jewel owes him and now he says he will reveal different ideas that Chromatics and Glass Candy have allegedly stolen until he gets the money.

Today, he has said that ‘Warm in the Winter’ was plagiarized from 1970s disco track ‘Love is in the Air’: “I used to DJ on all the Glass Candy/Chromatics tours,” he tweeted. “If he simply paid me what he owed me I [wouldn’t] be blowing him up… The biggest surprise of all is how they never heard of ‘Love Is In The Air’. I specifically remember playing at Rotture after their set… Ida came up to me and said ‘What is this??’ .. a few weeks later, this song comes out.”

Simonetti has also said that Dear Tommy will be lambasted for being a “shitty pop record” and that Glass Candy’s Body Work “will probably come out at the same time as Dear Tommy. It will be a bad trap record with Ida yelling over the music.”

Read his entire statement, so to speak, below.



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