The Red Era approaches.

Redemption, the final chpater of D∆WN’s color trilogy, is set for release later this month. Following up the lead single ‘Renegades’, she’s released ‘Vines’, an album interlude featuring Maroon 5 keyboardist PJ Morton. Morton, like all of the guests on the album, is from D∆WN’s hometown New Orleans.

‘Vines’ features the singer expressing her frustrustions with being misunderstood as an artist who wants to make music that pushes the boundaries of what’s expected from her and then not being taken seriously when she does. It’s the through-line of the album, but this is one of the most lyrically straightforward tracks about this theme.

Redemption is out November 18. You can preorder vinyl, but the deluxe USB necklace with VR videos is already sold out.



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