Police reportedly made arrests during the GHE20G0TH1K party.

The Ray Ban x Boiler Room Weekender was shut down in the early hours of Sunday morning. Witnesses saw police making arrests handcuffing a woman and taking her away in a police car at around 2am.

An onlooker told Thump that a black woman in her mid-twenties was handcuffed for possession of weed outside the GHE2OGOTH1K stage and put in a police car.

“People were just like screaming, moving, pushing the officers almost,” the witness said. “And then her friend opened up the cop car door and the cop just freaked out, like ‘What the fuck, you can’t open the cop car door.'”

The police reportedly used pepper spray on the guests. The event was shut down soon after.

A spokesperson for Boiler Room told Thump: “We don’t have the exact details of what transpired, but for the safety of all our artists and guests we had to shut down.”

The 3,000-person festival was taking place in the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, with Virgil Abloh, Mixpak, Discwoman among the artists on the lineup.

Shyboi, one of the artists on the lineup, tweeted that police were preventing people from filming the arrests.

Bearcat added that police checks took place during Venus X’s GHE20G0TH1K party.

Angelina Dreem, founder of Bushwick art space Powrplnt, recorded a video of the incident and said the handcuffed woman had been having a panic attack: “She was shaking in the center lobby as everyone watched helplessly.”

One attendee was left with head wounds after being attacked by police outside the GHE2OGOTH1K party, according to a friend who tweeted a photo to FACT.

Musician Spree Wilson said police shut down fire exits with no explanation.

Several witnesses claimed that black attendees were forced to go through more security checks than others at the GHE2OGOTH1K stage.




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