Now everyone can own Ben Klock’s banana.

Want a souvenir to mark the time you spent 18 hours raving at Berghain? Well, someone has opened an “official” Berghain shop online selling mugs, T-shirts and masks of famous bouncer Sven Marquardt.


You can also pick up a banana “signed” by Ben Klock, a Berghain snowglobe, phone cases that are friendly to the Berlin club’s “no photography” policy and an action figure of ex-bouncer Rummelsnuff.


Other products on sale: a set of Berghain commandments listed on a fake flagstone, teddy bears, postcards and a replica Berghain stamp for replicating the experience of queuing for hours in the cold at home.


Given the questionable quality of the merchandise on sale, we’re going to go assume that there’s nothing official about this operation at all, despite the “endorsement” from tourism initiative be Berlin. It does appear to be a working online store though, and its Facebook page has an opening event scheduled at a physical location for November 11 at Pariser Platz, where it will be selling products until November 13.

The store also has a YouTube channel full of very tongue-in-cheek videos, one of which features a group of masked Svens riding a Berlin booze bike.

One piece of advice: if you want to get into Berghain, don’t join the queue wearing any of this merchandise. As far as we know, this is the official Berghain store.

FACT has contacted a Berghain representative for comment.

Update, 18:40 GMT: The store has been taken offline

The online store is now displaying a message that reads “coming soon.”

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