Time to dust off your old handheld.

Game Boy music specialist Nanoloop has shared full details of its latest product, a cartridge for Nintendo’s classic handheld that turns it into an analog mono synth.

The Nanoloop Mono allows owners of the original monochrome Game Boy to generate sound using analog components, which form a hybrid soundchip with three analog filters and a random noise generator.

The software includes a step-sequencer and the cartridge has eight banks of flash memory capable of holding 15 patterns per channel.

The Nanoloop Mono is the latest in a series of Game Boy-inspired tools for music-making, which began with the Nanoloop 1 sequencer released in 2000. It’ll work with Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Color, but the sound quality won’t be as good because of a difference in the internal architecture. Despite accepting old Game Boy cartridges, it won’t work with a Game Boy Advance at all.

Nanoloop Mono is currently available for pre-order, and costs €69.00. It’s expected to ship on December 3.

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