2016, you guys.

If you’ve wondered if any living Beatle knows or cares about Rae Sremmurd’s top 10 hit ‘Black Beatles’, wonder no more. Paul McCartney has used the track to soundtrack his contribution to the Mannequin Challenge, a social media phenomenon in which people filmed standing stock-still, sometimes while music plays.

After Rae Sremmurd did their own, ‘Black Beatles’ has become the go-to track for others’ contribution to the challenge. It’s also helped the track climb the charts, where it’s currently no. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, it’s gotten Macca’s seal of approval.

You can watch his solo Mannequin Challenge, which is indeed soundtracked by ‘Black Beatles’, below. While this on the happier side of the 2016 Bizarre Clusterfuck scale, we still feel bad that Migos haven’t gotten their Beatles love yet.



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