“Quite possibly, they wanted 3 hours of long steady beat narrative and I offered something that didn’t match their expectations.”

Nina Kraviz recently performed a DJ set at South Beach Reserve in Melbourne and while most enjoyed it she addressed some complaints in a lengthy new Facebook post today.

Kraviz breaks down the wide-ranging closing set and notes that the packed crowd was dancing until the end of her 3-hours. However she read complaints afterwards from some who asked for refunds because “people wanted ‘techno’ and I offered none in their opinion.”

“In fact, all I played was pretty much techno, at least in my own definition, but much of a broader spectrum,” she responded. The claim certainly checks out from her breakdown of the set earlier which included a Villalobos remix, an unreleased Erofeev cut and an upcoming track by young Russian producer Mira titled ‘I Want To Be A Stewardess’ (whose drum ‘n’ bass climax seemed to cause the backlash) which sounds like an absolute stunner from her description.

From everything she says it sounds like a marvelous set. Read her full post below and look for Kraviz’s upcoming fabric 91 mix next month.



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