Live out your old school hip-hop beef dreams from the safety of a deck of cards.

A group of hip-hop fans have come up with a twist on the playground favorite Top Trumps for music-loving 30-somethings.

Rapper Trumps features 32 big hitters from the ’90s who can be judged on their prowess in different categories, much like the original game. Amongst those included here are Lyrical Ability and Impact, although we’re not so sure about the more dubious Criminality and Bling sections. The game was “developed by three friends who argue about hip-hop in the pub on a regular basis,” and sport illustrations that capture the subjects at their ’90s best.

The artists in the pack vary from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z to Prodigy and Noreaga. Purists may question the inclusion of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, but you can’t have a winner on every card in a game of Top Trumps. Lil’ Kim and Lauryn Hill are the only two women who feature in the game, overlooking key rappers like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah.

The Wildcard section is open to interpretation, from Biggie’s request to work with Michael Jackson to Tupac’s Coachella hologram performance. It’s the only time we can imagine the card game descending into real-world beef.

On top of the game, you can also purchase a print of ODB over at



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