A demagogue and a DJ.

When Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro isn’t mocking his political opponents as “faggots” or closing off all legal avenues to remove him from power, he’s an obsessive fan of salsa music.

As the country’s economy crashes and both food and medicine supplies run low, The Guardian points out that Maduro has used this time to announce his new hobby as a DJ on his newly launched daily radio show, The Salsa Hour, which he will host Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to the report, the four-hour show consists of samba music, dicusses politics and reads supportive messages. A recent caller was Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, who Maduro congratulated on his winning his third term last week in an election opponents called the most rigged since his ruling Sandinista party took control of the country four decades ago.

Maduro may not have to worry about elections soon either, as many critics have described a recent move of his as the final steps toward a dictatorship. After using a party-controlled court to put a hold on popular demands to force a new vote, their next move was to begin barring opposition leaders to leaving the country.

“The government’s striptease is complete. Before us is the horrible figure of dictatorship,” tweeted Venezuelan professor Carolina Acosta at the time.



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