Roc Nation is accused of streaming Prince‘s catalog without permission.

Jay Z‘s Roc Nation has been sued for copyright infringement by Prince’s estate, alleging that the company’s Tidal service streamed the late artist’s catalog without permission.

As the Star Tribune reports, the federal lawsuit — which was filed yesterday (November 15) — accuses Tidal of “exploiting many copyrighted Prince works” in the wake of his death in April.

As Pitchfork notes, the claim says that one example of infringement occurred in July 2016, when Tidal added 15 Prince albums to the service, including The Black Album and Crystal Ball.

While the lawsuit acknowledges that Tidal had been given written permission by Prince to stream last year’s HitNRun: Phase 1 album for 90 days exclusively, the estate claims it has no rights to stream the rest of his catalog.

According to the lawsuit, Roc Nation said that it had both “both oral and written” permission to stream all of Prince’s catalog on Tidal, but had not provided Prince’s estate with any evidence to back up its claim.

On November 2, Prince’s estate made a deal with Universal Music that gave the company full rights to his catalog, which further complicates Tidal’s position. At time of publication, Prince’s music is still available to stream on Tidal. FACT has contacted Roc Nation for comment.

Last month, Prince’s Paisley Park studio was opened as an official museum, where fans can take guided tours of the artist’s recording complex and personal concert hall.



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