But you don’t have to worry about the whole pesky “no food after midnight” rule.

Mondo continues to take film fan art to the next level with an upcoming vinyl reissue of the Jerry Goldsmith-composed Gremlins soundtrack. Like the mogwais in the 1984 horror-comedy Christmas classic, the gatefold sleeve changes with exposure to water and light – but don’t worry, it will only look evil, not become evil.

The 2xLP packaging, designed by Phantom City Creative, features an ultraviolet-sensitive jacket that reveals hidden images when exposed to daylight and other hidden artwork that responds to contact with a damp cloth. (We don’t recommend doing either of these things with any of your other records!)

Check out the artwork, including the very holiday-friendly cover boasting Strip adorned in Christmas lights, and revisit the Gremlins trailer below.






[via Entertainment Weekly



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