An imagined collaboration that never was.

By the time Daft Punk had risen to dance music superstardom in the 2000s, the Beastie Boys were primarily self-producing their music, but for anyone curious what the two might sound like together Canadian producer Coins has you covered.

The Daft Punk Reddit page recently shed light on Daft Science, a mash-up album built from Beastie vocals and Daft Punk samples that the Canadian producer quietly released in 2014. While it didn’t earn much attention then, it’s found 2016 far more welcoming as the release has gone viral.

Over the album’s eight track, the producer curls out combinations such as ‘Ch-Check It Out’ with ‘Around The World’, ‘Root Down’ over ‘Robot Rock’ and more. Coins, noticing the attention, chimed in on the Reddit page’s comments thanking fans.

“I dropped this album over 2 years ago, and it totally fizzled, so I can’t put into words how happy it makes me that you’re all checking it out. Seriously. This shit made my day,” he wrote.

Listen to it below and download the album for free on Bandcamp.



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