The psychedelic masters unveil a trio of releases.

Spencer Clark and Lieven Martens Moana (aka Dolphins Into The Future) have announced a trio of new albums on the latter’s Edicoes CN label.

Working outside of his Dolphins Into The Future moniker, Martens’ has a pair of releases named Coral Groups and Two Pastorals. Both capture his expressionist field recording collages to bring listeners to the hamlet of Teixeiró, the hills around Gestaço in north Portugal, a live concert in Köln, Germany and more.

Clark’s The Stimulated Australia collects recordings made in Australia while writing his new album The World Of Shells. Unlike that album and his brilliant recent releases Pinhead In Fantasia and H.R. Giger’s Studiolo, this release finds Clark embracing field recording. As the track title ‘Study For The World Of Shells’ suggests, the recordings were originally taken as reference music for the synesthesic soundscapes of the new work.

Listen to excerpts of all three albums below via Edicoes CN.



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