It’s Good To Be Differ-ent is released in February.

Detroit techno veteran DJ Bone is releasing an album under his Differ-ent alias on Don’t Be Afraid next year.

It’s Good To Be Differ-ent is the first album from the producer – real name Eric Dulan – to be released under the alias since he introduced it with a self-titled 12″ on Don’t Be Afraid in early 2015.

According to a press release, the album sees Dulan moving away from the dance floor, saying: “But the thing that makes it Different is that it could go any which way at any given time. And it can be harder edged usually, or it can go in a soundtrack direction.”

“The only way I think the album evolved differently was the electro stuff. I was excited about that. Because that was a different type of electro as well. It wasn’t a normal, 80s funk kinda electro. It completely separates you. It’s still for the dancefloor, but it’s almost as if it shakes you to dance, rather than coaxes you.”

Film is also a key influence on the album, with Dulan saying that if his usual style is Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, It’s Good To Be Differ-Ent is his tribute to Paul Verhoven’s RoboCop.

The album is released on triple vinyl and digital formats on February 3. Stream album closer ‘I. M. Differ-ent’ below.


A1. ‘Inhabit Tense’
A2. ‘Marvel Less’
B1. ‘Met Allergic Flew Antsy’
B2. ‘Compute Her’
C1. ‘Drum Addict’
C2. ‘We Have U Surrounded’
D1. ‘Motive Hate Shun’
D2. ‘Fasten 8 Shun’
E1. ‘Gem In Eyes (Feat. Dj Bone)’
E2. ‘A Calm Bliss’
F1. ‘Laser Eyes’
F2. ‘I. M. Differ-ent’



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