Now you can smoke Master P brand weed in your Cadillac while listening to Master P’s song ‘Smoking Weed in My Cadillac’.

Master P is set to launch his a line of legal cannabis products called Master P’s Trees. The product range includes flowers, edibles, wax and, seemingly most importantly, vape pens.

“Pioneering the vape movement is what Master P’s Trees is all about,” he told XXL. “We don’t just want to promote the cannabis industry, we want to shape it in the direction of health, and to promote its health and healing aspects.”

The wax, which he calls liquid gold, is edible-grade (meaning you can cook with it), “all natural” and free of preservatives. It comes in a variety of flavors, including peach cobbler, red velvet, chocolate beignet, Irish apple and sweet tea, among others. It’s also for use with vape pens. Oh, and the disposable wax cartridges? They’re called “liquid blunts.”


P is hardly the first rapper to dip his feet into the legal weed business. Wiz Khalifa has his own rare strain called Khalifa Kush, while Snoop Dogg is a huge purveyor in Canadian markets. Earlier this year, Cam’ron was developing a grape soda-flavored flower with a company called Chroncierge who previously worked with Freddie Gibbs on his own custom strain Freddie Kane OG.

Master P’s Trees are available now in places in the US where marijuana is legal for recreational and/or medicinal use. See full info here.




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