Listen to some of AFX’s custom scales.

Korg has released a set of demo videos for its Monologue synthesizer, which include a sneak preview of some of Aphex Twin’s presets for the instrument.

Announced earlier this month, the Monologue is a “next generation” monophonic analog synth that features a sequencer and support for microtuning, which allows musicians to experiment with Ionian, Dorian and other alternative scales.

Artists can also use the feature to create their own scales, but a lot of people are going to be more excited about the scales that Aphex Twin has made for the device, some of which can be previewed in the video below (starts at 04:00).

Korg has released three further videos, which cover the synth’s oscillators, filter, LFO and modulation.

Korg’s Monologue is released in January and will cost just $300.

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