A fire broke out as the party was starting.

The East Bay Times reports that up to nine people have died after a fire broke out in a warehouse where artists from the 100% Silk label were performing on Friday night. As of 9AM EST on Saturday morning, local firefighters reported the fire under control though they remained on site.

The fire started around 11:30pm PST, just over two hours after the party’s stated opening time, in a warehouse building located in the city’s Fruitvale district. Nicknamed Ghost Ship the building was host to an artists collective and home to around 50 people. Local fire officials told the East Bay Times they saw no signs of smoke alarms or sprinklers being activated. They are reporting at least nine dead as a result of the fire as well as 25 missing.

According to its Facebook page, the event was part of Golden Donna’s 100% Silk west coast tour and featured another two label acts, Cherushii and Nackt, alongside another four performers. A pinned post on the event page is asking people to confirm whether or not they were in attendance in order to identify anyone that may still be missing.


The Associated Press now reports that officials have confirmed nine dead but fear up to 40 people may have died in the fire.

The warehouse had no clear exit path and the only way out of the second floor was a makeshift stairwell made of pallets.



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