You gotta believe it’s been 20 years already.

PlayStation has confirmed that a remaster of PaRappa The Rapper, one of the console’s flagship games in its first generation, is expected on PS4 for the game’s 20th anniversary.

The paper-thin rapping dog was created by music producer Masay Matsuura and artist Rodney Greenblat and debuted in 1996 in Japan, before hitting western shores a year later. One of the earliest rhythm games to find commercial success, PaRappa returned in 2001 and even roped in De La Soul to appear on its soundtrack.

The game’s original soundtrack made it to 51 in our 100 greatest video game soundtracks of all time.

As we noted then, “just as the game was a breakthrough moment for rhythm games, it was ahead of its time in both its soundtrack and its unique spin on 3D graphics (PaRappa is a 2D boy in a 3D world – we know the feeling). Also – “turn and pose”? Was Chop Chop Master Onion appropriating ballroom a full decade before Soundcloud?”



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