From the upcoming album Undying Color.

Chicago experimentalist Jaime Fennelly makes drone music as Mind Over Mirrors that surrounds you using a distinct combination of Indian pedal harmonium and analog synth. For his upcoming album Undying Color he’s enlisted a series of guest vocalists to join him .

Today he’s released one of Undying Colors highlights, ‘Glossolaliac’, featuring Thrill Jockey mainstays Haley Fohr of Circuit Des Yeux and Janet Beveridge Bean of Eleventh Dream Day.

The track finds the vocalists adding to Fennelly’s stratospheric soundscapes with textural vocalizations that bring to mind the orbital beauty of Steve Reich while achieving an analog warmth all its own. The title is an appropriate one, referring to “one who is intoxicated through a fluid speaking of syllabic, wordless rhythms” typically in the act of prayer.

Listen to ‘Glossolaliac’ below and look for Undying Color February 17 2017 via Paradise Of Bachelors.

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