A helium-stuffed deconstruction of the Garden Of Delete highlight.

Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘Sticky Drama’ was the closest the experimental producer has gotten to the mutated pop of PC Music and now he gets closer with this remix from the collective’s founder, A.G. Cook.

The remix pushes OPN’s music to some fascinating new places, but Cook also explores new ground here. He cuts away most of track’s bombastic peaks and valleys, focusing on bending the already-distorted vocals around like balloon animals.

The pair teased the track last night on a very funny year-end list of their 500 favorite tracks of 2016 which included all fictional bands including “Almost Haunted Skate Park”, “Hannah Ruby”, and “Danny L Lopatin” with the track ‘Sticky Drama (A.G. Cook Remix: The Album).

Listen to the remix below and look for the original ‘Sticky Drama’ very high up on our 50 Best Tracks of 2015.

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