“Got the hottest chick in the game [sued over] my chain.”

A lawsuit has been filed against Beyoncé for copyright infringement in the video for ‘Drunk in Love’.

According to Billboard and TMZ, a man named Dwayne Walker who claims to have designed the Roc-A-Fella logo has filed a suit against the megastar for holding Jay Z’s chain in her hand in the video, alleging she does not have permission for “prominently displaying” the image.

Walker previously filed a $7 million suit against Jay Z and his former label partners Damon “Dame” Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke, as well as the Roc’s current owner Universal Music Group, to claim royalties for the logo. He alleges that his designs were the basis for the final logo. It has been disputed that it was created by an in-house Roc-A-Fella designer.

In Walker’s most recent suit, he is looking for compensation from Beyoncé for the below:

Beyoncé appears holding the chain here at 5:20 in the video and, according to the suit, again at 5:28, although its placement is less prominent to this viewer. Jay Z has not been named in the suit, despite wearing the chain in the video.

Watch the whole video for ‘Drunk in Love’ below.



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