This fight would be so much funnier in modeling clay.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is helping Chris Brown train for his celebrity boxing match against Soulja Boy.

The fight’s organizer 50 Cent revealed the pairing in an Instagram video, later reposted by Brown, where he talks to the boxer on the phone.

“Listen Mike, they say Floyd [Mayweather’s] going to be training Soulja Boy so I said I’ve gotta get Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown,” he says.

Tyson responds: “Yeah, Soulja Boy’s gonna get fucked up.”

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In another video, 50 Cent added: “I kind of feel like Floyd wants to train him so he can beat me. I just got off the phone with Iron Mike Tyson and Iron Mike is going to train Chris Brown. Now this is going to be a show! When I put on a show I put on a show!”

The public feud between Brown and Soulja Boy began when Soulja liked a photo of the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, on Instagram, though Soulja has more recently said that the beef actually started after Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

Despite Soulja’s attempt to smooth things over on social media, the pair announced they would take their beef into the ring in a three-round bout in March.

None of the parties involved in the fight has an unblemished record outside the ring. Tyson, Brown and Mayweather have all been convicted of violence against women, with Tyson sentenced to six years in jail for rape in 1992, Brown ordered to perform 1,400 hours of community service after his assault of Rihanna, and Mayweather convicted for multiple incidents of battery domestic violence.

Soulja Boy, for his part, was arrested in December for violating probation after a gun was found in his home.

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