And, in a lighter moment, explains the meaning behind his Bart Simpson chain.

Gucci Mane guested on ESPN’s super fun Highly Questionable where he opened up about breaking his addiction to lean while in prison, his mental health and PTSD issues, and how sobriety has helped him be more fit and productive.

At this height of his addiction, Gucci said he was smoking blunts and drinking lean from when he woke up until he went to sleep. Drinking lean made him bloated and his habitual use led him to weighing 300 pounds. Gucci also detailed his prison detox process, which sounds, frankly, really horrible.

One of the best parts of Highly Questionable is when co-host Dan Le Betard has his father Papi join him and co-host Bomani Jones. Here, Papi brings a lightness to the heavy interview, inquiring about Gucci’s Bart Simpson chain, which Gucci reveals he got just for “the shine”.

Check out the interview below.



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