He also talks about making Lulu with Lou Reed.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield is the latest guest on Marc Maron’s WTF? podcast and the interview is full of gems. (Maron tries to explain the plot of Todd Haynes’ banned, brilliant, Barbie doll-starring Karen Carpenter biopic Superstar in the first few minutes and… woof.)

Other odd creative endeavors are discussed, as well, namely Metallica and Lou Reed’s critically-reviled collaborative album Lulu. Hetfield mentions that the unlikely pairing happened after Reed saw them perform at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony – they were inducted in 2009. He also details what it’s like to work with Reed, who hates second takes.

Hetfield also mentions another musician who doubles as a Metallica fan: Skrillex, noting that there is video of an 11-year-old Sonny Moore attempting to stage dive at the band’s Berkeley, CA concert. (You can nose around for that footage here.) It was the show that was used for their S&M live album.

Listen to the podcast here. The Skrillex story comes in around 30 minutes and the anecdotes about Lou Reed start at 1:17.



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