The single-sided 12″ is out now.

DJ Sprinkles and SND have delivered the latest release in Boomkat Editions‘ 12 x 12 series.

‘My Good Friends Tell Me That’ is an unreleased track that dates back to 2002, and was made under the name You Speak What I Feel, an alias that was last used on a Comatonse 10th anniversary compilation in 2003.

According to Boomkat, the track dates back to a period when “house was firmly into its ‘mnml’ phase, and original garage was reserved to weekenders or sped-up, 2-stepped and hyper.”

The track is described by the store as a “deep-as-anything, peak-time doozy riding a strolling bassline, pointillist claps and effervescent chords for 10 minutes of swingers’ bliss.”

While the track is one of the only times the deep house artist and the experimental duo formed of Mark Fell and Mat Steel have appeared together, Fell and Sprinkles delivered the two-volume Fresh Insights series in 2015 and the Complete Spiral EP in 2012.

‘My Good Friends Tell Me That’ is out on Boomkat Editions now – buy and listen to clips at Boomkat. Previous releases in the 12 x 12 series have come from Raime’s Yally project and Beatrice Dillon.

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