The long-running project’s first album in six years.

Dirty Projectors have announced a new self-titled album, the band’s first since 2011’s Swing Lo Magellan.

The lineup of this iteration of Dirty Projectors, which includes previously released singles ‘Keep Your Name’ and ‘Little Bubble’, remains unclear with only founder Dave Longstreth appearing in the releases press photos. To go with the announcement, the band has released ‘Up In Hudson’, a seven-minute showcase of Longstreth’s elastic vocals and manipulated orchestral pop that includes the line “Now I’m listening to Kanye on the Taconic parkway riding fast”.

Though Dirty Projectors has remained dormant for most of the year, Longstreth has not. Last year he produced and co-wrote several songs on Solange’s excellent new album A Seat At The Table.

Listen to ‘Up In Hudson’ below and look for Dirty Projectors February 10 via Domino.


01. ‘Keep Your Name’
02. ‘Death Spiral’
03. ‘Up in Hudson’
04. ‘Work Together’
05. ‘Little Bubble’
06. ‘Winner Take Nothing’
07. ‘Ascent Through Clouds’
08. ‘Cool Your Heart’
09. ‘I See You’



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