There will be blood (and feces and semen and vomit).

Flying Lotus recently premiered his debut feature film, Kuso, at the Sundance Film Festival and according to early reports it’s not for the weak of heart — or stomach.

In a review by The Verge titled “Kuso is the grossest movie ever made,” writer Chris Plante describes a screening with an near-constant stream of walkouts due to the film’s outrageously grotesque scenarios. Elsewhere, horror review site Bloody Disgusting placed the movie in the same mind melting lineage as Luis Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou, The Holy Mountain and Eraserhead.

Described as “semi-connected short films chronicling the lives of the mutated women, men, and children of Los Angeles,” the film includes such sights as a boy growing a disembodied head by smearing it with feces, a man having sex with a woman’s talking boil (which continues talking even after its mouth has filled with semen) and George Clinton birthing a giant cockroach from his anus.

In addition to these many horrors, the film also includes new music from Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Thundercat (who just announced a new album).

No wide release for Kuso is currently announced yet, which is standard for a film just premiering at Sundance, but we’ll be first in line when we can. Watch the trailer for Kuso below.

Update, January 26: Flying Lotus has tweeted in response to the walkouts, claiming that the numbers have been exaggerated.



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