Grava 4 is getting a new 2LP version on Clone Aqualung Series. 

Clone Records is reissuing Grava 4, the last album to be recorded by seminal Detroit techno duo Drexciya before the death of James Stinson.

The album was originally released on Clone in 2002, but as RA reports, the reissue will feature a slightly reordered tracklist.

Like all of Gerald Donald and James Stinson’s work as Drexciya, Grava 4 fits into a complex science fiction-inspired mythology, telling the story of the discovery of Drexciya’s home planet.

The album arrived in the same year as Tresor released the Harnessed The Storm LP, and one year after the release of Stinson’s much-loved solo album as The Other People Place, Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. Last month, Warp gave in to public demand and announced a vinyl reissue of the album, scheduled for release on February 10.

Clone will reissue Grava 4 on March 6 via its Clone Aqualung Series sub-label – listen to album opener ‘Cascading Celestial Giants’ below.


01. Cascading Celestial Giants
02. Powers Of The Deep
03. Drexciyen Starchamber
04. Gravity Waves
05. Drexciyen R.E.S.T. Principle
06. Hightech Nomads
07. 700 Million Lightyears From Earth
08. Astronomical Guidepost



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