Stations in South Carolina, Texas and more report hacks.

YG and Nipsey Hussel’s anti-Trump anthem ‘FDT’ was already a radio hit in some parts of the country, but recently hackers are unleashing the track on radio stations in conservative states.

On Inauguration Day, stations in Texas and Kentucky were hit by hackers who played the song on a loop for long as 30 minutes before being stopped, Heat Street reports. According to ABC, the song hit Salem, SC’s WFBS-FM this Monday.

Whether the hacks are connected is unclear, but they all share one trait. Every station was compromised through Barix Box transmitters (common for small community stations) with unsecured passwords.

“I had to call the Barix guys for help, and when they finally figured out how to cut it off, Glenn Ford of the San Angelo, Texas, Sunday Morning Glory Radio’s 100.5 KCGF told the publication. “The ‘NASTY’ song had played over and over again.”

Hack or not, they’ll be hearing YG on the radio more soon. His collaboration with Mariah Carey is out Friday.



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