Celebrating half a decade of making club music harsher.

Repitch Recordings will celebrate its five year anniversary with a new compilation featuring founders Shapednoise, Ascion and D.Carbone along with many longtime contributors.

The sprawling 16-track Dys Functional Electronic Music will be in 3xLP, CD and digital forms and brings together Repitch-alums including AnD, Mike Parker, Gaja, Zenker Brothers as well as producers new to the label like dubstep trailblazer Pinch.

Dys Functional Electronic Music is out March 16. Look at the artwork and tracklist below.

<i>Dys Functional Electronic Music</i>


01. Pinch – ‘No Justice (Part 2)
02. Ascion – ‘Getaway Highway
03. Nuel – ‘Biopunk
04. Galaxian – ‘Show Of Force
05. Drvg Cvltvre – ‘Dead And Gone
06. Shapednoise – ‘0.1dbhisdoi’fioa
07. Chris Moss Acid – ‘Catacid
08. AnD – ‘TT2
09. Gaja – ‘Any Expectation
10. The Exaltics – ‘Vierundvierzig
11. Sote – ‘Operor
12. Skudge – ‘Buchla.M1000
13. Mike Parker – ‘Ilium Sphere
14. Ascion & D. Carbone – ‘Dritte
15. Zenker Brothers – ‘Perainer
16. D. Carbone – ‘Comma Wave



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