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‘Panda’ rapper Desiigner won’t settle for one-hit wonderdom. While we haven’t heard much new from him since ‘Timmy Turner’, a track that delighted as his XXL Freshmen freestyle but lost itself in Mike Dean’s hands, he’s kicking off 2017 with new song ‘Outlet’.

Sure, he still is co-opting some of Future’s flow and one of the beat’s melodies is the clear love child of Roscoe Dash’s ‘All the Way Turnt Up’ and Kanye’s ‘All of the Lights’, Desiigner has some magic when he comes unhinged. Toward the end of the track, he comes into his own, fusing classic east coast flows with his abundant youthful energy. If Desiigner sticks to that, he could create his own, very much-needed, lane.

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