OK, so you can’t really smash the conspiracy theorists, but they can’t hurt you, either.

Lemonade Rage is a new 8-bit computer game where you recreate Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ video, but with a lot more smashing. The game, which features an 8-bit cover of the song, is an endless runner that requires you to dodge “haters”, “Illuminati conspiracy theorists” and “bullshit” to break car windows with your spacebar-enabled bat for points.

“When we first saw Beyonce’s whole Lemonade video we were blown away, especially by the ‘Hold Up’ video,” the creators told Pigeons & Planes. “The more we thought about the video, we started to realize how it could make for a pretty sick video game.”

You can check out the game here and revisit the Ever Is Over All-adjacent clip for ‘Hold Up’ below.

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