Prince‘s proteges The Time also paid tribute to their chief songwriter.

Bruno Mars took to the Grammys stage last night to honor Prince with a performance of the Purple Rain classic ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

Wearing a glittery purple suit, Mars shredded his way through a solo on the late icon’s signature white guitar. He can totally wail, man.

Prince’s high school friend and Purple Rain co-star Morris Day also honored the late icon with a performance by his band The Time, who were originally assembled as an additional outlet for Prince’s songwriting.

The Minneapolis outfit performed ‘Jungle Love’ and ‘The Bird’, Prince-penned songs from The Time’s album Ice Cream Castle.

Yesterday Prince’s Warner Bros. catalog – including Purple Rain, Dirty Mind and Sign O’ The Times – finally arrived on streaming services.

If you’ve never gone deep with the Purple One, here are the 10 Prince albums to listen to first.

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