The producer’s first album since 2010’s acclaimed Bubblethug

Chopped ‘n’ screwed explorer Pat Maher has returned with his first Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting album in seven years, Undone Harmony Following.

Like a musical bridge from DJ Screw to Lil Ugly Mane, Maher warps noise and hip-hop to his pleasurably psychedelic ends. Undone Harmony Following loses no potency as beats and voices echo and blur like LSD trails.

Listen to samples from the album on Boomkat and order it via Type (a label independently operated by FACT’s John Twells).


01. ‘Blank Ink’
02. ‘Prince Severance’
03. ‘Deserver’
04. ‘Glisten To The Game’
05. ‘Weave yr Trip’
06. ‘Real Heehaw’
07. ‘Mirror Ark’
08. ‘Asphyxontro’
09. ‘Bellend’
10. ‘Jest Jokin’
11. ‘Undone Harmony’
12. ‘Vortex of Affluence’
13. ‘A Rusty Ring On’



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