The techno eccentric breaks out his African thumb piano for a spine-tingling version.

DJ Koze has remixed ‘For You’, a track from Kompakt mainstay Michael Mayer‘s album on K7 Records last year featuring Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard.

The maverick remixer has delivered two new versions of the track for a new release: a swooping club mix which adds a heads-down haze to Mayer and Goddard’s dreamy vocals, and an mbira mix which adds sun-dappled chords and metallic melodies from the African thumb piano. Both mixes appear on the release in vocal and instrumental versions.

Stream Koze’s mbira mix below and grab the release on vinyl and digital on February 24.


1. For You (DJ Koze Club Mix)
2. For You (DJ Koze Club Instrumental)
3. For You (DJ Koze Mbira Mix)
4. For You (DJ Koze Mbira Instrumental Mix)



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