The R&B singer sheds some light on the line: “And buy that boy with a pipe”.

Frank Ocean has shared an annotation for his lyrics to Calvin Harris’ new song ‘Slide’.

The singer features on the track, which was released yesterday, together with Migos. It is the first new material from Ocean since the release of Blonde last year.

Ocean has now added an annotation to a line of the song on Genius.

Referring to the lyric “I might/Empty my bank account/And buy that boy with a pipe”, Ocean explains that it is an allusion to: “A picasso painting that sold for so much money.”

The Picasso in question, Boy With A Pipe, was painted in 1905 during the artist’s Rose Period, it sold for a record-breaking £83.6m in 2004.

Ocean has rarely offered clarifications for his lyrics, saying in a previous interview that he prefers “[his] art to speak for itself”.

Yesterday, Ocean debuted a radio show on Beats 1 which featured an interview with Jay Z.

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