The Memphis rapper escaped unharmed thanks to bulletproof panels.

Over 100 shots were fired at Young Dolph‘s SUV last night (February 25) in Charlotte, NC, where the Memphis rapper was due to perform at events during the CIAA sports tournament.

“As many as 100 shots were reportedly fired late Saturday in uptown along the 600 block of North Caldwell Street,” reports the Charlotte Observer. “Police say the incident was not related to any CIAA sanctioned events, and there have been no reports of injuries.”

Footage provided by witnesses shows Dolph’s SUV as one of the vehicles targeted during the shooting, which occurred at around 6:30pm.

According to one witness, the car had just pulled out of the parking lot when another truck pulled up and starting shooting. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and another SUV were also targeted, according to authorities.

There were no reports of injury and no one has been arrested. Dolph’s SUV is believed to have been fitted with bulletproof panels. Later that night Dolph went through with his planned show at Charlotte’s Cameo nightclub.

This week Dolph dropped a video for his Yo Gotti diss track ‘Play Wit Yo Bitch’. Dolph put out his new mixtape Gelato earlier this month, an all-killer-no-filler attack of Three 6 Mafia-inspired menace. Read our review in the Rap Roundup. [via Complex; XXL]



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