The new label is helmed by Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman.

Back in 2008, Pete Swanson – formerly of Yellow Swans – dropped two low-key album releases on his own private press imprint, Freedom To Spend. Now, the label is back in rebooted form, as a sublabel of the RVNG Intl. empire and with drummer and boss of Portland crate diggers’ hotspot Little Axe Jed Bindeman in tow.

The label’s first two releases are Michele Mercure’s Eye Chant – a synth and voice album released back in 1983 – and Marc Barreca’s Music Works for Industry, which was released on K. Leimer’s Palace Of Lights label in 1983.

Both releases highlight the Freedom To Spend ethos: they’re obscure (but not impenetrable), idiosyncratic albums that actually deserve to be rediscovered.

Michele Mercure’s Eye Chant is out now, and Marc Barreca’s Music Works for Industry will be released on March 3.



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