Somebody call Daft Punk.

Disney is refocusing on making a third Tron film after originally cancelling the project in 2015, The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

While the third film in Disney’s cyber-fantasy series spent years trapped in development hell, the company is now moving forward and eyeing Jared Leto for the lead role.

No filmmakers or screenwriters are attached to the project, though sources say the film will not be a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy. Rather, it will be “built out of the source code” of the original Tron 3 screenplay (which involved evil programs invading the real world).

Tron: Legacy is best remembered now for its soundtrack composed by Daft Punk, the duo’s only film score. No word if they’ll return, but Disney would be crazy not to try.

Revisit Daft Punk’s score below.



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