After an unproductive meeting with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner to talk about Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper takes matters into his own hands.

Chance the Rapper has donated a million dollars to Chicago Public Schools. In a press conference broadcasted on Instagram Live, the Chicago artist noted that the money comes from ticket sales for his upcoming tour. He also announced that his non-profit Social Works will start donating $10,000 to a specific Chicago public school for every $100,000 it raises. The first $10,000 will go to Westcott Elementary School, where the press conference was held. The money will go to after school and arts programs.

Last week, Chance met with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner to discuss public education in Chicago, among other things. The meeting did not go as Chance planned, however, as the rapper explained to press afterward: “[I]t went a little different than it should have… [We discussed] funding [Chicago Public Schools] with that $215 million that was discussed in May of last year, and was vetoed in December.”

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