Featuring heavily manipulated Radiohead songs.

It’s currently Fashion Week in Paris where Undercover designer Jun Takahashi debuted his latest collection with a brand new original mix from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.

Titled ‘Bloom (Creatures Mix For Jun Takahashi)’, the 16-minute original recording features heavily manipulated songs from many different Radiohead eras. Fans have already spotted portions from ‘Bloom’, ‘Glass Eyes’, ‘Spectre’, ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’ and ‘Everything In Its Right Place’.

In what’s probably a good fit for Radiohead, Takahashi’s new line is titled ‘Utopia’ with the runway show being built around a dystopian narrative. The company recently shared a program for the show below, which includes a note about Yorke and Greenwood’s original soundtrack.

Takahashi and Yorke have been longtime collaborators. The pair have DJed together, done an interview in Rolling Stone and Yorke has modeled Undercover clothing.

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