The rapper’s next album is due this year.

Vince Staples is the latest subject for Nardwuar The Human Serviette where, like all Nardwuar interviews, they dig through musical obscurities while touching on little-known facts about the rapper’s life.

During the interview, Staples speaks about nearly drowning as a child (and how Ja Rule and Ashanti’s ‘Always On Time’ played in his head while he thought he was dying), comments on the debut solo album by his producer No I.D. (“He pretends it never happened. He never speaks about this. Like ever”), his love of Joy Division and why he feels disconnected from aspects of ’90s hip-hop.

“As far as all this old crunchy gangbanging — we not fuckin’ with them n****s. It ain’t got nothin’ to do with our era,” he says. “We comin’ in new. Y’all was out there shooting kids and all this other weird shit for no reason. We not gettin’ down like this. All my homies got jobs and kids, ya feel me … all that shit is out.”

Last month, Staples released ‘BagBak’ and later revealed it is the first single from his upcoming new album expected “very soon”.

Listen to ‘BagBak’ below.



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