The producer’s lawyers cite “bogus Internet ‘petitions’” and more as evidence of defamation.

In his ongoing defamation legal battle to prove he’s not a total piece of shit, Dr. Luke has now subpoenaed Kesha fan Michael Eisele, one of the organizers behind the “#FreeKesha” protest campaign.

As Pitchfork reports, the producer born Lukasz Gottwald’s lawyers claim Eisele was “closely coordinating” with Kesha and her team to spread “defamatory statements and tarnish [Dr. Luke]’s reputation.” If subpoenaed, Eisele will have to testify in court to Dr. Luke’s lawyers.

Last month, Kesha released a series of emails sent by Dr. Luke in attempt to provide credibility of claims of abuse. In addition to criticizing her weight, he dropped the gem “I don’t give a shit what you want. If you were smart you would go in and sing it” when the singer asked about altering the lyrics to a song.

Read the full statement from Dr. Luke’s lawyers below.

“Plaintiffs allege that Ms. [Kesha] Sebert and her representatives closely coordinated with Mr. Eisele to spread Ms. Sebert’s defamatory statements and tarnish Plaintiffs’ reputation. Plaintiffs further allege that Ms. Sebert, individually and through her representatives, has breached her contracts with Plaintiffs by, inter alia, encouraging and assisting Mr. Eisele in creating bogus Internet “petitions“ and in engaging in other tactics to pressure Sony Music Entertainment to terminate its business with Plaintiffs.

As such, Plaintiffs believe that Mr. Eisele has information that is material and necessary to the prosecution of this action and is not reasonably available from any of the parties.”



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