Goodbye Yellow Brick Squad.

Elton John’s long been notorious for his record buying habits, but recently he was spotted in Vancouver’s Beat Street records dropping a hefty sum on rap vinyl.

The ‘Rocket Man’ singer’s interest in hip-hop is well documented. Not only has he famously collaborated with Eminem, he more recently appeared on A Tribe Called Quest’s fantastic comeback album We Got It From Here.

According to Beat Street’s manager Lindsay Tomchyshen – who talked to CBC – Elton John dropped a whopping $200 on vinyl and was disappointed the shop didn’t have more Tech N9ne.

“I came in from the back and there was Elton John standing there with his two bodyguards, digging through records,” Tomchyshen said. “He asked my boss if we had any Tech N9ne, like, the gangster rapper and I was not expecting that.”

He ended up going for some Scritti Politti instead and signing an album for the store. [via Exclaim!]

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