Capital Dub Chapter 1 is released under his I-LP-O In Dub alias.

Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen is releasing a new solo album through Editions Mego in May.

Capital Dub Chapter 1 will be released under Väisänen’s I-LP-O In Dub alias, which he debuted in 2015 with the Communist Dub album, also released on Editions Mego.

The new album was inspired by the first part of Karl Marx’s Capital, and according to the label the LP’s “‘circular riddims’ complement the ebb and flow of the circulation of money and commodities.”

Väisänen also released a solo album under his own name last year, Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta, as well as the final Pan Sonic album, the soundtrack to nuclear documentary film Atomin Paluu.

Capital Dub Chapter 1 is released on May 5. Listen to album track ‘Invisible Hand’ below.


01. ‘Paradise Capital’
02. ‘Dark Money Ride’
03. ‘Hidden Capital’
04. ‘Divided Investments Complexity’
05. ‘Dark Money Dub’
06. ‘Invisible Hand’
07. ‘Grey Zone Economy’
08. ‘Parecon’
09. ‘Fear Of Heaping Capital’
10. ‘Grace Of Collapsing Unhealthy System’



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