Slackk returns to R&S for his sophomore album.

Boxed co-founder Paul Lynch, aka Slackk, has announced his second album, A Little Light. The album is set to drop on the revered R&S imprint on May 12 and follows up 2014’s Palm Tree Fire.


A Little Light continues the progress Lynch made on his pair of R&S EPs, Backwards Light and Aviary, blending his stripped-bare grime variations with elements of R&B, pop and house.

A Little Light will be released on vinyl and digital on May 12 via R&S.


01. ‘Spring Mist’
02. ‘Paper Santos’
03. ‘Maze’
04. ‘Ripe Corn’
05. ‘Sefton Park West’
06. ‘Desert Eagle’
07. ‘So Far, The Sea’
08. ‘Picture’
09. ‘Deluxe Night Edition’
10. ‘Old Petchy Shows’
11. ‘Reasons’
12. ‘End’
13. ‘Zip Me Up’
14. ‘And The Sun’



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